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About Us

The company, founded in 1868 by the Amoretti family, now has its headquarters in Chiusavecchia.
Surrounded by luxuriant olive groves, our production preserves the traditions linked to the quality and genuineness of the products, continuously engaging in innovation.

Passion and competence handed down for generations has allowed the company to consolidate the quality of the transformation process by offering its customers a wide selection of products.
Ancient traditions of honesty combined with a rare competence accredit the company among the most quoted in the oil field.

An accurate commercial organization periodically submits to its loyal customers the lowest prices and the most advantageous conditions.

The superiority of the product and the seriousness of the house have met the favor of an elected and increasingly vast clientele who have preferred them for years and spontaneously recommend them to familiar families.

Appetizers, first courses, main courses and desserts

Your Recipes

Tasty asparagus and bacon donut

Spaghetti with dried tomatoes

Tunafish balls

Eggplant breaded with speck and sweet provoletta