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Earth preserves



Slow Food Presidium. The Conio white bean is a very precious and rare variety.

With a soft texture and a very delicate flavor, it has a very thin skin that melts in the mouth.

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At the top of the Impero Valley, at about 630 meters. sml in the village of Conio (IM), these excellent and famous white beans have always been grown.

Production is very low and limited practically all by hand using traditional methods.

Its excellent characteristics are undoubtedly due to the spring water, the type of soil and the exposure that make it a unique and inimitable product because to cultivate them in another place, they do not grow with the same characteristics.

For optimal use, they are soaked in water for one night and boiled for about 35 minutes with bay leaves, garlic, a few tablespoons of oil and salt (only at the end of cooking). PDO olive Riviera Ligure Riviera dei Fiori Taggiasco.

Excellent is also the preparation of typical dishes such as: Goat and Beans, or in the traditional "Zemin" (bean, meat and vegetable soup).




Conio White Bean (IM)

Store in a cool and dry place away from heat sources around 8/10 ° C

Nutritional values ​​per 100 g of product

energy value Kj 2631 -Kcal 628
fats of which: 62,70 g
saturated fatty acids 9,3 g
carbohydrates of which: 12,10 g
sugar 2,7 g
protein 3,7 g
sale 2,67 g


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