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Olive oil



Classic cooking oil. Excellent for dishes in the oven and for frying.

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COLOR Golden yellow.

TASTE Delicate and sweet.

PERFUME Fragrant and light.

METHOD Oil composed of refined olive oils and virgin olive oils. Containing exclusively olive oils that have undergone a refining process and oils obtained directly from olives.
E. Amoretti di Lorenzo Olive Oil contains about 25% extra virgin olive oil with guaranteed acidity.

COMBINATIONS Suitable for cooking in a casserole, also excellent for making fried food crunchy. In the oven, for savory cooking but also to replace butter in the preparation of desserts such as margherita cake and apple pie.

Oil composed of refined olive oils and virgin olive oils.

Contains 25% of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

NUTRITIONAL VALUES (average values ​​per 100 ml of product)

energy value 3389 Kj, 824 kcal
fats of which: 91,6 g
saturated fatty acids 14 g
carbohydrates of which: 0 g
sugar 0 g
fibers 0 g
protein 0 g
sale 0 g


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