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Saltimbocca of pork with sage and speck

4 people

20 minutes

Low difficulty


1 pork fillet about 600 g
150 g speck in slices
12 leaves of sage
Little flour to flour
100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil E. Amoretti di Lorenzo
Lemon peel
Salt and pepper
1 glass of meat broth
1 glass of white wine


Cut the pork fillet into round slices of about one centimeter and remove all the cuticles around so that it does not curl. Place the slices between two sheets of baking paper and flatten them with the help of a glass. On each slice we arrange half a slice of speck and a sage leaf. We fix with toothpicks.
We pass the saltimbocca into the flour and shake to remove the excess.
In a frying pan we put a little bit of100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil E. Amoretti di Lorenzo and brown one minute on each side. Wet with the wine and let it evaporate. We continue to cook with the help of the broth.
Serve when cooked with the sauce obtained.

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