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Who we are

F.lli Amoretti di Lorenzo, founded in 1922 in Oneglia, now features its headquarters in Chiusavecchia.

Surrounded by luxuriant olive groves, our production preserves the traditions in connection with the quality and authenticity of the products, dedicating to the constant innovation.

Passion and skills passed down through generations has allowed the Company to consolidate the quality of the transformation process by offering to its customers a broad selection of products.

Ancient traditions of honesty in addition to a rare competence accredit the Company among the most quoted in the oil production field.

Thorough commercial organization periodically submits to the loyal customers the minimum prices and the most favourable conditions.

The superiority of the product and the seriousness of the house has been appreciated among a selected and increasingly large customer base that prefers it for years and advises them spontaneously to friend families.

Starters, First dishes, Second and Sweet

Your Recipes

Trenette with Ligurian pesto

Sfincione artichokes

Stuffed courgette flowers

Saltimbocca of pork with sage and speck

Baked sea bream